Driven by entrepreneurship and a pioneering spirit, we think and act like a responsible owner of a family business. Our aim is to create a trust-based partnership with vendors and management teams with a high level of mutual commitment. Our corporate culture is based on four pillars:


We believe that we are stronger as a team with our entrepreneurial partners. We strive for "inspired acting with purpose", agility, competence and a responsible entrepreneurial mentality


We strive for "inspired acting with purpose", creating sustainable value for the environment and society, market leadership as well as financial success


Achieving ambitious, clearly defined and measurable goals is what distinguishes top companies. A goal-oriented cooperation of all stakeholders is the source and prerequisite for joint success.


Mutual trust is the most important asset for us. Integrity, transparency and respect are indispensable virtues for us

These four pillars of corporate culture guide us in what we do. They characterize the Quadriga Capital logo to this day. 

Committed to the Mittelstand. Committed to growth.

We are passionate about helping mid-market growth companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the neighbouring countries to develop and expand a strong market position and their sustainable positive impact on the environment and society.

We focus on businesses that are actual or potential portfolio companies of the Quadriga Capital funds. With our wide experience and expert knowledge, international industrial network and enthusiastic commitment, we help successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial management team to achieve their goals.

Choosing the right partner is crucially important for successful corporate development. Accordingly, we aim to meet the very highest standards throughout our involvement. A successful business is a life's work requiring enormous commitment – both professionally and emotionally – from owners and employees alike. Acceptance of a binding value system, careful advance groundwork and a high degree of professional and personal commitment from each and every team member are key prerequisites for shared success.


Investment & operating professionals


Investment references

>5.5 Mrd.

Euros total transaction volume

2.3 Mrd.

Revenues of active references


Employees of active references

Sustained value growth that benefits all.

The Quadriga Capital funds offer institutional investors access to mid-market growth companies in one of the most interesting and stable economic regions in the world and thus access to a very attractive asset class.

More than 50 international institutional investors have been entrusting their money to the Quadriga Capital funds for decades with the aim of creating value through a responsible and sustainable investment strategy.

One of the first. And still a pioneer.

The founders of Quadriga Capital around Dr. Andreas Fendel and Max W. Römer helped establish the private equity industry in Germany in the mid-1980s. Since the launch of the first Quadriga Capital fund, we have arranged and assisted on investments in more than 150 mid-market growth companies.

Business owners and companies alike benefit from our decades of transactional experience in our targeted sectors - Healthcare, Tech-Enabled Services, Smart Industries

We are committed to arranging transactions reliably in line with the agreed terms and timeframes. In addition to due care and dependable workflows, the crucial success factors here are teamwork, flexibility, agility, and the cultural understanding for our counterparts.

European investment. Global network.

As an experienced partner for systematic expansion strategies and thanks to our global networks, we have assisted many firms with their international growth, for example through successful market entry in the US, South America and Asia.