Responsibility for people, the environment and society. Today and tomorrow.


We have adopted environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards as a key plank of our business model. ESG standards are crucial: they protect companies, management teams and employees, create transparency, engender trust among customers and stakeholders and strengthen corporate culture and enterprise value, thereby helping to reduce risk. At the same time, social responsibility becomes the guiding principle for the company’s long-term development and the people who enable it.

We are committed to complying with high ESG standards in everything we do. These standards have been continually refined and expanded over the years to create a reliable management and control tool that can be made available to all management level staff in the portfolio companies of the Quadriga Capital funds. ESG standards support and strengthen the ability and willingness of managers and employees to take responsibility for their own actions, leading to maximum transparency.

The Quadriga Capital funds also comply with the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) and the sustainability programme launched by RobecoSAM in 2007. The ESG performance of the Quadriga Capital funds have received a top ranking from UN PRI and ROBECO for more than a decade.

Please refer to the PRI 2020 Assessment Report on Quadriga Capital as well as to the latest Quadriga Capital ESG Annual Report.